How to Move Past Hiccups, Detours, Rough Roads and Roadblocks

How to Move Past Hiccups, Detours, Rough Roads and Roadblocks

As we edge closer towards the end of the year and the end of a decade(!) it’s a great time to start reviewing the year that’s been and begin to release anything that’s not served us so well.

Through the hiccups, detours, rough roads and roadblocks there is always learning. We can gather this information to help us to clarify what we’d like to leave behind and what we’d like to welcome more of going forward.

It’s also a wonderful time of year to celebrate the wins!!

How often do we weed out the wins and focus all of the wonderful accomplishments for the year?

There’s always something we can feel proud of, be grateful for and celebrate – big or small, there’s ALWAYS something.

Once we start to focus on what went well and those wins scattered throughout, we soon start to realise there’s more than we first anticipated! It’s a wonderful way to expand that sense abundance and welcome those warm fuzzies.

And lastly, it’s a wonderful time to start thinking about some new goals and desires going forward.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a big, hairy, audacious goal, it might be a matter of simply deciding how you want to feel and choosing a word that encompasses that. Whether it’s – contented, energised, positive, valued, joyful, thriving, accomplished or peaceful – choose a word that resonates for you.

Create the space to map out your vision, get excited about the possibility of a new year and what it can offer.

AwesoME Inc have created a fantastic life map template to help with this, included in the vision board starter pack are a variety of words that really help to spark inspiration.

Vision Boards are a powerful tool that help anchor us into what we’re desiring and can really help to motivate as we take the action and track towards our desired outcomes, dreams and goals. It’s often a case of creating the space to get clear on what we’d like, before we going ahead with the action.

In summary:
Release – Take some time to reflect, let go of anything that’s weighed you down.
Write out all the negatives on a piece of paper, purge it all, release the rubbish, then rip it up the paper and throw it away!
Celebrate  – List all of those wins, big or small, all that you can feel proud you have achieved this year. Get those warm fuzzies flowing!
Set New Goals – Set realistic new goals and desires for the new year.
Create Core Desired Feelings – Understand how you want to feel in 2020, choose a word or words that encompasses this and pop it somewhere that you will see it daily.
Vision Board – Create a visual prompt to keep you motivated and anchored in your desires.

Have fun with it, be flexible, trust the timing, take action, but surrender expectation or outcome.

I hope your 2020 is filled with more of what you’re desiring and offers you a loads that you can feel grateful for and celebrate!

Amy x

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Amy WilloughbyAmy is a writer, content creator and life coach at Be and Bloom. Amy is passionate about connecting people through writing, coaching and the power of storytelling. The first 20 years of her career was spent behind the stylists chair as a hairstylist, where she honed her skills of listening, holding space, connecting and creating clarity through conversation.

Amy’s hairdressing career came to a close after spending 3 years helping clients journey through chemotherapy, fitting and styling wigs. This was the perfect bridge and catalyst for retraining as a life coach which has led to exploration of values, modalities of wellbeing, writing and storytelling.

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