Why I Love Smoothies for Breakfast

Why I Love Smoothies for Breakfast

Breakfast truly is an important meal. For many, it wakes up your metabolism and can set you up for the day. Some people find they feel better without breakfast and that’s ok too. Personally, I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal of the day.

If you’re a busy person like me, sometimes it just doesn’t fit into our schedule the way it should, yet how we begin the day will determine how the rest of the day goes. It will determine if we feel energized or if we feel dragging with a lack of energy. What we put in our bellies is partially related to how we physically feel. So if you are a grab-on-the-go type person when it comes to breakfast, this blog post is for you.

We all need and crave energy.

I know I do! Sometimes it is so easy to want to grab a quick bowl of cereal or even forget breakfast and just get through the morning on 1-2 cups of coffee for the energy needed to survive the day. I don’t want you to just survive through the day though; I want you to thrive through the day. I also don’t want you to go on the “crash and crave” roller coaster for the entire day.

Smoothies are another quick alternative to a fast breakfast that can help energize us throughout the entire day. When you toss in some greens, a protein, maybe a little fruit, and a healthy fat like avocado, your blood sugars are better balanced and you are bound to feel energetic and ready to take on what the day brings you.

Starting off with a smoothie also gives you well needed antioxidants which help protect our bodies from free radicals, and it is a great start as long as long as we don’t bomb it with trim milk and and too much fruit without substance. Eating a low or slow burning carbohydrate breakfast smoothie will help give you sustained energy for the entire day as well as helping with cravings during that ‘morning tea shout’ (you’ll just be too satisfied to be interested!)

And don’t think smoothies are just for breakfasts – sometimes I’ve been known to swap smoothies for lunch if I need something a little more portable.

So, how do you make the ‘perfect’ smoothie to help with all of the above?


  • Start with your liquid: Non-dairy milk such as almond or coconut, full fat milk, or yogurt/water. (My favourite milks are the AYAM brand coconut milk and homemade almond milk (otherwise Macro Organics brand).
  • Choose your protein: Your favourite protein powder, nuts or seeds, a raw egg, etc.
  • Choose your vegetable: Handful of greens, pumpkin, frozen courgette etc.
  • Choose your fruit (optional): Berries (recommended), ½ apple, ½ banana etc.
  • Choose your superfoods (optional): Cacao, maca, chia seeds, etc.

best smoothie

M.Y. Smoothie

1/2 cup of blueberries
¼ avocado (or more depending on the size)
1 cup coconut milk or almond milk
¼ cup water or so
2 scoops of Vanilla Clean Lean Protein (or your favourite protein powder)
A handful of greens
1 Tbsp olive oil or flax oil
1 Tbsp peanut butter (optional)

Click here for print version of recipe.


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Michelle Yandle is a Health and Nutrition Coach on her way to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist with The Holistic Performance Institute., She is also an international speaker with IISB, successful entrepreneur and two-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™.

Michelle has a bachelor degree from Dalhousie University, Halifax, a graduate degree in education from the University of Maine at Fort Kent, a graduate certificate from the school of Holistic Performance Nutrition and certificates in health and nutrition coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Cadence Health in New Zealand. 
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