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Can Discipline Really Equal Power?

13 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Can Discipline Really Equal Power?

Most of us view discipline in a negative way, we get taken back to that time in primary school when our Mum’s thought it would be great to sign us up for the Māori culture group, because “we’d learn a bit of discipline”.

But for us that meant holding our poi’s out until our arms felt like they were going to fall off, not daring to move when we felt like we were going to faint in the heat, and actually maybe did faint just once… in front of everyone… (no?? just me on that one?? )

Point being, that the connection that was made, was that discipline was hard.
It meant missing out on something that I would rather be doing.

But imagine if when you thought of discipline you thought of success, you thought of pride and you thought of feeling so bloody powerful in your accomplishments. Wouldn’t that make you view discipline in a better light?

So why do we have such a straight lack of discipline when it comes to our health and fitness goals?

Quite simply, we rationalise. We make out to ourselves that things are not really that bad.

We come up with all the reasons why “it’s OK” not to work out today. It’s OK to have a chocolate bar at the supermarket checkout, because, you know, I’ve been working hard, and I’m always doing everything for everyone else, so this little pick me up will actually do me the world of good, I deserve to make ME feel good for a change.

But that “one time” spirals out of control quickly, pretty soon it’s second nature to grab that chocolate at the checkout, well hey look, they’re only 89c today, may as well grab a few.

And BAM, you have successfully created a habit that is taking you further and further away from your goal, not to mention spiking your insulin levels.

Now I’m not saying NEVER EAT CHOCOLATE, because that would make me a hypocrite, and a coach that is out of touch with reality (a coach that you’d most likely tell to get effed). But what I am saying is, become aware of when a lack of discipline is creating a bad habit.

So why do we do this?? Why do we make up all these “reasons”?

To make us feel totally OK when what we really need though, is to admit that something is WRONG.

Nothing will change long term until we admit that it’s not serving us. We rationalise and convince ourselves that things are not so bad.

We will literally say to ourselves “it’s not THAT bad”, “There’s still time after my son’s birthday”, “there’s people out there way worse off than I am”.

But the thing is, if your health is not at the place that you WANT it to be, then it’s wrong. Period.

By using these softeners to rationalise and make us feel better in the moment, we’re actually killing our drive and passion to change it!

I’d love you guys to ask yourself the question, maybe pop it in your journal? What are the main reasons/rationalisations that you use all the time to excuse yourself from following through on your health and fitness goals? BE HONEST! No one’s gonna see it but you. 😉

In all honesty, those rationalisations just mean that right now, you haven’t made it important enough for you… yet.

Next step, lets use discipline next time that you get to the checkout, and kick that rationalisation in the booty.



About Heather Willetts

Heather Willetts

After having 3 kids, stacking on weight and losing it time after time. Trying all the diets out there, Heather searched for a way to STAY in shape. And found that she needed to create habit change in her life, and she needed help! The whole DIY approach just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

After she successfully changed her own habits, Heather knew this was the ultimate secret to success in health and fitness, and has been working with others as a health and accountability coach, to do the same, ever since. Over 4 years worth of weight loss challenges and now coaching one on one to assist people on a more personal level to achieve their goals.

Find out more about Heather here -> Website | Facebook | Instagram


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