Why You Should Create a Morning Ritual

Why You Should Create a Morning Ritual

How do you greet each day?  Do you reach for your phone that is sitting by your bed and start checking notifications and Facebook? Do you sleep in until you end up rushing each morning?

This year I am on a mission to add some great habits into my life. I keep hearing about how super successful people all have some sort of morning routine, so I thought I would give it a go.

Your morning can set you up for the whole day, so making a powerful morning routine that packs in lots of positivity and goal setting has to be a great thing!

Here are some ideas of things you can do BEFORE reaching for any technology each morning.

  • Meditation – This doesn’t have to be hard.  There are so many free guided meditations available for you to listen to.  Even just one minute has to be better than nothing.  I was taught transcendental meditation decades ago and so each morning I am fitting in 20 minutes of meditation in my bed.  Hint: Put up a clock in your room so you don’t need your phone to time it.
  • Drink Some Water – I like to add a little apple cider vinegar or simply some squeezed lemon into my water each morning.  Hydrating yourself for your day ahead.
  • Exercise – If you can get up and do a short workout or even some squats and press ups, whatever you want, to get your body moving.  I have started doing a 15-minute workout each morning and afterwards, I feel so proud that I got it done.  Moving your body either by way of yoga, swimming or a cardio session is so great for your body and mind and can help ward off depression and anxiety.
  • Healthy Breakfast – In the morning try and crowd in a healthy smoothie or meal, so that you start the day off nurturing your body and mind.  Having love and respect for your body starts by providing it with great food so that it can do the best for you.
  • Set Goals – As I have a business I want to set three business goals but also three personal goals that I want to achieve that day.  Writing it down seems to help me get it done.  I think it is because I like to tick things off.  Remember to try and set goals that you can achieve that day.
  • Gratitude – Of course! You can either write in your gratitude journal or just write down one thing you are grateful for and why.  This is a great way to get into a positive mindset for the day.
  • Affirmation – Write an affirmation for the day and then say it out loud three times.

This year I am committed to making positive changes and it is going to start with my mornings.  Join me and print off our FREE resource, THE MORNING POWER PLANNER!


Remember to stay away from devices for as long as you can in the morning. There is plenty of time for that during the day.

Reclaim the morning for yourself!

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